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November Raising Awareness of Parents "RAP Sessions"


Nov. 3-Fort Mill-Nation Ford High School


Nov. 10-Clover & York Districts combined– Clover District Auditorium, 1625 Hwy. 55, East


Nov. 17-Rock Hill-Sullivan Middle School

All Districts Thursdays  6:30—7:30 p.m.



Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n Roll

What are kids up to these days?  What are Spice, Bath Salts, Skittle Parties and Beer Pong? Alcohol doesn’t even look the same as it used to!  Come see what the kids are using, learn the warning signs and find out what you can do.

Sponsored by:  York County No Wrong Door

 Clover School District, Fort Mill School District, Rock Hill School District, York School District, Catawba Community Mental Health, Catawba Indian       Nation, Continuum of Care,  Community Net Works, Department of Juvenile Justice, Department of Social Services, Keystone Substance Abuse Services, York County Solicitor's Office


For more information contact:

      Janet Bunch  324-1800

Can’t attend in your district?  All sites open to York County parents!



What you don’t know—can hurt you or  the ones you love!

That’s a “RAP”



Click here to download a flyer